Battle of the Bulge Casualty report

All published veteran records: 6362

All veterans marked with Battle of the Bulge: 59

Name Branch County
Armstrong, Fred W.Army/Army Air ForcesWashington
Armstrong, Ralph G.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
Bailie, Gilbert H.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
Beaty, Willie B.Army/Army Air ForcesFentress
Beets, Ray K.Army/Army Air ForcesGrainger
Blake, Arnold F.Army/Army Air ForcesRhea
Bowers, James E.Army/Army Air ForcesBlount
Bowers, Jack L.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
Britt, Benjamin H.Army/Army Air ForcesJefferson
Brobeck, LeroyArmy/Army Air ForcesHawkins
Brookshear, Gordon L.Army/Army Air ForcesLoudon
Campbell, Robert G.Army/Army Air ForcesBlount
Carpenter, Joe E.Army/Army Air ForcesHancock
Carter, Emmette B.Army/Army Air ForcesSullivan
Castleberry, Howard M.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
Church, Thomas J.Army/Army Air ForcesSullivan
Clifton, Eugene B.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
Copeland, WalterArmy/Army Air ForcesCumberland
Czarney, EddArmy/Army Air ForcesMorgan
Davis, John T.Army/Army Air ForcesRoane
DeLoach, RobertArmy/Army Air ForcesCarter
Denney, William E.ArmyCarter
Disney, David L.Army/Army Air ForcesAnderson
Duncan, MackArmy/Army Air ForcesAnderson
Durham, Clarence A.Army/Army Air ForcesMarion
Evans, James L.Army/Army Air ForcesJohnson
Fischer, Glenn D.Army/Army Air ForcesHamilton
Freeman, Earl J.Army/Army Air ForcesBradley
Frist, Robert J.Army/Army Air ForcesHamilton
Hedgecock, CharlesArmy/Army Air ForcesKnox
Hensley, Carl E.Army/Army Air ForcesHawkins
Hixson Jr., Wallace W.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
Horton, John W.Army/Army Air ForcesHamblen
Houston, Samuel L.Army/Army Air ForcesClaiborne
Hurst, Lonzie W.Army/Army Air ForcesFentress
Keck, ElmerArmy/Army Air ForcesKnox
Lawson, Robert H.Army/Army Air ForcesPolk
Masterson, Marshall E.Army/Army Air ForcesHamilton
McDonald, Wilson J.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
McElyea, Charles E.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
McKinney, Joseph D.Army/Army Air ForcesRoane
McNabb, Lloyd R.Army/Army Air ForcesCocke
Miller, Logan C.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
Millice, Dave R.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
Morgan, Lee R.Army/Army Air ForcesUnicoi
Ogden, Samuel L.Army/Army Air ForcesKnox
Padgett, Ordway H.Army/Army Air ForcesCocke
Pardue Jr., Mack C.Army/Army Air ForcesHamilton
Patrick, John McCoyArmy/Army Air ForcesSequatchie
Pippin, Layton W.Army/Army Air ForcesHamilton
Rowan Jr., Mack R.Army/Army Air ForcesMonroe
Scalf, Andrew J.Army/Army Air ForcesGreene
Smith, Lawrence D.Army/Army Air ForcesHamilton
Stiner, MonroeArmyUnion
Tarpley, Courville B.Army/Army Air ForcesBradley
Teague, Carl P.Army/Army Air ForcesHamilton
Wells, Walter E.Army/Army Air ForcesLoudon
White, Joseph B.Army/Army Air ForcesCampbell
Woody, RayArmy/Army Air ForcesCocke